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The Emotional Intensity of Buying a Home

The process of buying a home is like no other. Naturally, we associate our abodes with warmth and comfort, with memories of family or the chance to start one. Because a house is a person’s safe haven from the uncertainty of the outside world, purchasing one is a monumental investment — both monetarily and mentally.

It’s no surprise that the home-buying process is rife with both positive and negative emotions, from excitement and joy to frustration and fear. Consequently, it’s easy for people to let their feelings cloud their intellect. This means that home buyers may act impulsively, or misjudge a home’s trade-off's, such as a longer commute to work for a certain feature such as a larger backyard. [1]

Under the pressure of the process, home buyers tend to gravitate toward physically appealing offers, and this “expectations versus reality” predicament often causes a lapse in long-run happiness. Elizabeth Dunn, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, says that it’s “so easy to get caught up in comparing the physical features of the places you’re looking at, but you should really stop to consider how the places you’re considering will shape your social relationships.” [1]

Before even looking at properties, buyers must work with their agents to map out a budget. This can be troublesome for those who aren’t prequalified for an amount that offers many buying options. This can be frustrating for buyers, and they may want to make some bids under the asking price of desirable properties, adding to the tension. [2] Even when an optimal bid is submitted, the potential for seller rejection is enough to put buyers on edge for days at a time.

The agent’s job is to navigate and overcome the emotional challenges that home buyers inevitably face. A well-informed and confident agent can quell anxiety and empower buyers to make smart decisions, both financially and emotionally. Whether that means advocating for a home that makes sense for a buyer’s budget and subsequent renovation costs, walking a buyer through monetary distress with encouraging, viable options, or easing the pain of losing a house a buyer may have fallen in love with, agents are best-equipped to do a top-notch job with a trusted and resourceful toolkit working on their side.

Agents are constantly plagued with troubles too — from a surplus of MLS printouts to closing documents to full voicemail boxes. Therefore, agents need a tool to satisfy clients and move deals forward, one that reflects the fast-paced lifestyle of the modern agent, and effortlessly streamlines every process.

This necessary tool brings the most important market data to the forefront at a moment’s notice, and keeps communication between agent and buyer strong. This way, the buyer is up-to-date on what’s best for them, and the agent is assured in his or her job for the client. With the assurance of a tool that agents can trust, clients know that they can fully trust their agents.

While buying a home can be one of the most rewarding and joyful transactions that a person makes in his or her lifetime, the process is certainly not an easy one. From finalizing a budget to placing bids, stress and fear are bound to compromise a buyer’s decision-making ability.

But with a savvy, level-headed agent backed by a deft and trusted tool, [3] this emotional process doesn’t have to be so draining. The right tool is an agent’s loyal partner — it lets them do their job with clarity and ease. In the end, incredible transactions can take place, and an uncertain home buyer becomes a happy homeowner.