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MLS Grade Data

Dynamic real estate data from the definitive source - accurate, complete, and updated every 15 minutes.

In-App Chat and Communications

Email directly through the app to discuss different properties.

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Upload your logo to share tools seamlessly with clients.

Broker Tour Made Simple

Drop the outdated tour sheets: monitor, manage, and customize your weekly Broker Tour from anywhere, anytime.

Property Notes Made Personal

Communicate with clients about their notes and questions on their favorite properties - synchronized across all devices.

Property Status Automatic Updates

Receive notifications for all client activity and property changes

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At the heart of your business is your relationships with your Clients, and communicating with them quickly is the name of the game. myTheo helps you with that.

No agent is an island on their own. Your ability to be a great agent is based on your connection to the real estate community. myTheo keeps you connected.

To be an agent these days requires you to have today’s and tomorrow’s best technology tools. myTheo is a platform that will continue to evolve, adding more features and services for you to deliver what your clients need.