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A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Rep

 As a member of the customer service team at Theo, you’ll be the all-important voice our customers hear when they reach out for help, need training, or have ideas to make the myTheo experience better. You’re on the front lines, conveying the very ethos of what Theo is about; we aren’t just about technology, we’re about supporting real estate professionals on their quest to make their clients happy, informed and confident to make the biggest investment of their lives.

Interacting with our customers (Real Estate Professionals) in myriad ways:

An Agent calls 30 minutes before Touring with a client, they aren’t sure if the app is working correctly!

You check their activity via our various back-end tools and  jump on the phone with an iPad in front of you. You listen to what they are trying to accomplish with the client, get some color on the relationships and help them make it happen, step by step. Then you follow up via email with a few more related tips, point them to our resource center and offer to come by their office to meet in person. You saved the day!

An office manager is dying to improve the attendance and productivity at a weekly Sales Meeting.

You can drop by to show just how powerful it is to have pure MLS information up on display at a Sales Meeting. Real estate professionals are more powerful and informed when to share information on what they saw, what they heard, and share stories from the “field”. These stories are almost always in the content of properties, so why not have beautiful information up front? You improved things for an entire business!

After fielding an email and a call; you’ve heard about a similar “problem” twice.

You connect with customers, experimented with the apps yourself and now have some ideas on how a feature can be improved. You write out the step by step “flow”, load it into a product development program and look forward to breaking it down with the dev team!

It’s an overused concept these days, but “customer service” feeds and informs every aspect of our business; from product development to sales and marketing. 
Your responsibilities at Theo 
-Respond promptly to calls, emails or texts from the Theo frontline’s
-Prepare content (emails, blog posts, tutorials, success stories “from the field”, etc.) for frequent distribution to users
-Monitor user analytics to address positive and negative user behavior, feature use, bugs, etc. 
-Meet often with real estate professionals, one-on-one, in small groups and entire brokerages.
-Schedule and present short demos and run/manage longer “office hour” sessions
-Take field notes back to product development team
Skills and Requirements 
-Experience 2+ years in customer service
-Zendesk savvy 
-Startup experience
-You’re energetic, positive, creative and love to listen
-You’re calm, regimented and strategic
-You want a voice in the direction of the business
-You’re versatile and able to “wear different hats” as needed
-You’re a problem solver and like to take on new challenges

Is it a good fit for you?

The start-up life is not for everyone; indeed, it’s not for MOST people! It’s extreme in all manners, it’s “always on”, there’s no playbook to go from and the stakes are high. But you are helping to not only help Theo’s customers, but to redefine an entire Industry. It’s ambitious, it’s intense and it’s incredibly rewarding.