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Lead Sales Representative

As the lead Sales Representative at Theo you will be designing and implementing a sales development strategy to drive sales of our SaaS mobile app in the real estate industry. You will work closely with Agents and Brokerages to gain an understanding of their pain points, and how the myTheo solution solves their problems and creates new opportunities for them. You will work closely with the CEO, as well as all parts of the company, including Product Development, Strategic Partnerships, and Customer Service. 
Your Responsibilities at Theo
  • There is an existing greenfield of SMB customer opportunities as Theo begins its monetization phase among brokerage firms in the Bay Area and soon nationally.
  • Besides immediately capitalizing upon these revenue opportunities, you will also work closely with the company’s CEO and Director of Operations (both co-founders) to create the company’s Sales Strategy and align it with the company’s Product Strategy as the company begins its early growth into non-Bay markets (like Chicago, LA, Austin, etc.)
  • As the company scales, you will lead the efforts to design and implement the hiring of a professional Theo Sales force. 

Skills and Requirements

  • 2-4 years of sales experience in a revenue closing role,  working with SMB customers. 
  • Excellent communication skills – ability to manage multiple emails, phone calls, social media, in-person relationship building skills
  • Knowledge of best CRM tools and utilization
  • Understanding of the real estate industry and the life of an Agent and their Clients (highly desirable, but not imperative)
  • BA/BS degree preferred


  • You are a go-getter and a self-starter
  • You bring energy to the team
  • Startup experience
  • Versatility/ability to “wear different hats” as needed
  • You are resourceful and unafraid of challenges 

Theo offers a highly collaborative, tight knit, hardworking environment with maximum transparency, high integrity, and an insatiable desire to win the race to dominate and revolutionize the residential real estate industry. We want relentless competitors and entrepreneurs.